Welcome - 欢迎

The China Geriatrics Institute is an health care training company dedicated to providing first-in-class instruction for health care workers and those interested in pursuing careers in the business of health care in China.


We empower our students with the skills, knowledge, practical training and experience needed for a successful career in the growing and rewarding fields of health care and geriatrics. Our entire staff is bilingual (Mandarin/English) and each has obtained various advanced, professional health care or business degrees.

Our curriculum is open to anyone from state sponsored facility employees to private enterprises with the entire 3 tier program completed in nine to 12 months. Our program is intended to augment the Ministry of Civil Affairs standard geriatric nurse certifications  (养老护理员) Levels 3, 4, 5 and our curriculum can be completed while the student continues to work. Our business and administration module is a 7 course curriculum intended for Administrative Staff, Managers and Directors only.

Our training is based on a proprietary Taiwanese health care model utilizing Taiwanese skilled geriatric nurses and doctors; all of whom provide a seamless, linguistic and cultural, transfer of competencies and knowledge. If you are a Western operator looking to enter the China Senior Living industry, rather than attempting an impossible translation of your specific care techniques to locally trained nursing talent, we can help you acquire your nursing resources successfully and sooner.  Those unique aspects of your corporate health care culture can be easily imparted to our highly skilled nurses who in turn can impart them to local, Chinese nurses and health care workers.

After 3 years of preparation, the China Geriatrics Institute’s training programs are complete and ready for the first enrollment of students this June 2014 in Wenzhou following the successful acquisition of land by a client of our sister company Hampton Hoerter China. We look forward to greeting you in Wenzhou!